About Us

Our Vision

"A library for every home". Learning is not only what we do during school, It is a part of being human. To keep growing you gotta keep reading. We aim to transform humanity and become the best of humans by practicing this fantastic ability called "Reading"

Our Core

We have a huge collection of more than 5 Lakh titles with an extensive industry experience of 30 years. We have been successful in getting readers enjoy the feast with the help of our subject matter experts and book consultants in our team.

Our Mission

We heard the books say “Get me to the hands of a new Reader”, and our Readers say- "Get me the books that I should and love to read". Our Mission is to get the Reader their perfect date (Book).

Our Promise

We strongly believe that “Library is not a product. It is an Experience”. We set out on this journey for readers to discover themselves and explore the Joy and the intimacy in reading books. We Give them a chance to explore and discover their tastes and provide them with the feast that they never dreamt of.

Library Set-ups

Personal Library set-ups.
School and Private Library Consultants.

Wholesale Books

Wholesale Books distribution.
Used Books Selling - Coaching and Consulting.


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What People are saying?

All great leaders are readers

we at Sano always believed that everyone's a reader, and we always tried to imbibe this habit into ourselves and our students. Thanks to the amazing initiative by Preloved Books, they just made it easier for us! We finally have our own little library.


Founder of Sano Nutrition

Nothing special in running a cafe without books

I knocked on the door of Pre-loved books to fulfil this concept and I found it right. I'm thankful to the Consulting team who took extra care for selecting the right books for my cafe. Now my customers are really engaging and it has been so helpful for us to maintain the wait time of the orders.


Drunken Monkey

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