Books are immortal

Why still keep this book? I have not seen any reader ask for this title. I was asking my father who is a successful bookseller with 29 years of expertise in the field. Though I did not find his answer soothing to hear, I found the reason compelling enough to take it so seriously and do something about it. Being the Son of a Bookseller I have a lot of personal relationship with books and the business. Spending my evenings with dad I always had the advantage of having all of the world’s knowledge available in my hands with no cost to pay. Though I know quite a lot than others about books and readers, his answer gave me a new perspective along with a feeling of ignorance on what I thought I knew.

He said, “Son, the book that you and I don’t find interesting nor in the bestselling list, is a book which is waiting to be read by that person who is in desperate search to find it and read it”. Something struck my mind. This answer might be so very logical and not so surprising for you. You might think I am exaggerating, but that is how I was feeling at that time. I picked up a copy of “the Secret” for a friend and “Dale Carnegie’s How to win friends and influence people” which was on my next to read list. Sitting on the front seat in the car, with my dad, I could not get my mind out from those words.

If there are readers who are desperate to read, why in the world that the books are not in their hands being read?

I began to realize that books are actually immortal beings, which can never die nor pass away. Like us, the spiritual beings are born again, each book is being reborn in the hands of a new reader who reads it with as much love like the previous reader. I wanted to do something. I didn’t like the idea of making the book stay long in a bookstore shelf till it is being reborn. I wanted to squeeze out this time and get the books to be born immediately when a reader finishes reading.

We heard the books ask “Get me to the hands of a new Reader”, and our Readers ask- “Get me the books that I should and love to read”.

Which got us settled to set on a journey with a Mission to “Get books to the hands of a new Reader”

We knew it was going to be one lovely adventure and it surely is.

Why are Books Immortal?

As book sellers we have always bought and sold used books from countries like UK and USA and Canada and have helped people in our region by providing access to those books by selling and lending the books from our library.

I have always had this question in my mind when I read a book, “What would the person who has read this book before me would have felt?”, “Will those feelings be similar to that of mine or he would be having a complete new perspective and a new dimension of experience?”.

But I know one thing for certain, any feelings the person would have had, “Love” would have definitely been the Superior.

This happens to be the case for the person who reads after me and the one after them and on and on.

Does this process ever end? The answer is a clear “NO”. So, each book gets born in the hands of a new reader and loved again, and again, and again.

This is why I call our books “Immortal”.

And of course the name “Preloved Books”.

Okay, So Why am I talking about thoughts and people in a Book Blog? You should be knowing that, book stay immortal for serving one and only purpose. To help you grow to a whole new level. They give us a whole new level of understanding. Same book can give a different understanding and meaning to different person, and sometimes to the same person too when read in each phases of their life.

I remember my librarian’s saying, “Don’t hesitate to pick the books that are damaged on the outside, because that is the one which has been read by a lot of people”. This advice has not failed me yet.

With all this sayings and experiences, this relationship with books has immersed me much deeper than creating a business for money. There is some kind of a deep sense of purpose and connection with Preloved Books.

We strongly believe Books are more valuable and the experience they give is priceless, so we help them stay immortal.

Yeah, we are so so much excited to go on with this journey, but we don’t want to go alone, and we will not. We have zillions of Book lovers and readers who truly believe in what we do. We want you to be in our journey.

Let us unite to make the Books stay Immortal

Hop On! Join us on the journey. We will do our best to keep it as pleasing and enjoyable as reading a book!

Happy Reading!!!

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